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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tart Down! Training Injury

Saturday, Feb 11th/Sunday, Feb 12th
While late night "training" (watching TV), I jammed my toe into the leg of the sofa. It didn't really hurt that much but I heard a distinct crunch and when I looked down, my left forth toe was practically perpendicular to my baby toe. I didn't think it was broken right away because I could still bend it and it wasn't bruised, just swollen, so I thought I'd just wait until Monday to call my doctor and see if I could get into urgent care. But by Sunday morning, it was pretty blue and more painful, so I thought I'd visit the ER, see how crowded it was and then decide if I would stay.

I got the ER about 12:10pm and there were about 50 people waiting. I wasn't sure I should stay, but thought it would be ok, even just to stay and people watch. No one looked particularly sick, just a lot of fluey looking people who don't have primary care physicians or insurance so they come to the emergency room because they have no other choice.

I waited about 30 minutes to be called to triage. I told them what happened and they took my vitals. They sent me back out to the chairs to wait. About 20 minutes later, I asked the girl sitting next to me how long she had been waiting and when she said 3 hours, I thought I should just leave but then I wouldn't have gotten my parking validated, so I decided to wait. Within seconds of asking that girl how long she had been waiting, they called my name. I felt kind of bad I got called so fast, but it made me feel special too. ;)

The nurse that took me in told me I was a Fast Track patient because my injury was simple. The doctor came over after about 10 minutes and looked at my toe. He told me they would x-ray it and waited about 10 minutes to be taken to x-ray. While I am waiting I am seeing the doctor talk to about 3 other patients who came in with hurt feet and hands (this must be common for fast track) and so far no one has anything broken. I wait another 30 minutes for the doctor to look at my x-ray. They do it all digitally now, which is pretty cool and probably much faster than having to wait for film. So he's looking at my x-ray on the big computer monitor screen and tells me it's broken so I told him, good, I'm glad I didn't come in here for no reason.

Where is my Doctor McDreamy or Kovach like the hot TV doctors? My doctor was more like Marcus Welby.

Basically, I think I knew it was broken the moment I did it. It was jammed so hard when it happened, I heard the break and it made me nauseous, which I never get from medical stuff.

So they buddy tape it to the toe next to it. Gave me a copy of my x-ray, crutches and a prescription for vicodin and ibuprofen (stronger than the OTC) stuff. They want me to see an orthopedist, stay off it, keep it elevated and ice it. I don't think I am going to use the crutches, because I agreed with Diane when she told me I'd probably injure myself even more with the crutches than without them. I also had the prescriptions filled just to have but I probably won't use them, but it's good to have a stash of vicodin, right?


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