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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Team Name and first application

The first task is coming up with a team name which is required with the initial application, which is more like an inquiry than an actual application. It takes Cindi a mere nano-second to come up with The Pop Tarts. Diane and I are instantly charmed and both think, we are so going to win this thing with Cindi on our team, she's so quick!

The initial application simply requires the team name and contact information for the players on team. It also asks for how the members of the team know each other. Diane, self-appointed team captain, decides to honest about how we know each other instead of saying "cell mates," which would have been more interesting for the producers when we do our actual interview.

Diane submits the required information via email and with in a matter of hours has a confirmation and instructions for how to move on to the next steps. I guess we are really doing this. I've always wanted to go to Chicago in March.....


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