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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Training - Will all of our TV Time Pay Off?

With the teams hotels and Melissa's flights booked (Cindi and Diane will drive to Chicago from their homes in Detroit), it's time to get down to the Olympic style training. Training consists of everything related to pop culture: movies, magazines but mostly it's the new justification for watching even more television than we normally do.

Melissa suggests adding VH1's Best Week Ever to everyone's weekly diet, as it's a good overview of current pop culture news. All team members search the web for good study sites. Emails between the three of us fly back and forth referencing good study sites. We determine that we are weak in the areas of Sci Fi and James Bond films among others. It's hard to know what tactic to take with the studying as we all need to be good generalists to pass the timed written pop culture test that is the first part of the audition. We also need to be specialists for when we make to to the second part of the competition where a team member represents the team for a specific category.

We have coaches too. Diane contacts Robert (Bob) Thompson, a former professor of hers from Syracuse. He could really be a pop culture question/answer his damn self. He runs SU's Center for the Study of Popular Television and never met a sound bite he didn't like. He has a brilliant knack for opining on Pop Culture and making it sound simply scholarly. He writes back to tell us he's working on a training regimen for us, but in the mean time, to start drinking raw eggs every morning.

Our other coach is Cindi's daughter, Meredith. She's the most rockin' kid on the planet and if she were old enough, she'd be the Tart that replaced Melissa, so it could be an all Brody team. Meredith forwards me questions via email which make me feel tragically unhip and old. But I do pretty well answering them and I think she's impressed, for now.


Blogger Cindi said...

This is actually not Cindy. This is Meredith! I am quite impressed and don't question yourself!


4:26 PM  
Blogger colleen said...

I concur that Meredith rocks. She is one heck of a kid.

I am Colleen - friend of Diane. I'm hooked on this blog. I am a mere rookie when it comes to pop culture. I teach a class at a local university and even my students realize I am hooked on pop culture. One of my students is named Matt, and I call him "Matt Matt Matt", as Tom Cruise would refer to Matt Lauer.

I frequently use pop culture references in the classroom. Just last week, I used the "speed dating" format to have the students gain feedback on their work. I think the students enjoy it. But I must admit, the international students might find some of my references obscure. But hey - they need to learn this stuff too, right?

I'm actually pursuing my doctorate in crisis communication (I'm not bragging here - I'm making a point about something). One of my fellow grad students is pursuing her doctorate in media studies. What a great field of study! Would you believe she wants to write her dissertation on the Gilmore Girls and the images of motherhood on teen soaps on the WB. Wow! Why didn't I know about media studies earlier!

I try to utilize my love of pop culture whenever I can. Earlier in my coursework, I actually did a paper on Darva Conger - I'm sure you all remember her. I studied how the media treated her story...I looked at the media coverage in the week following that now-infamous chapter in our nation's history.

Anyway - keep up the good work!

6:13 AM  

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