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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Update from VH1

Update on Chicago is booked to capacity
Oh well, I guess there will be more than 8 teams! LA, Dallas and Atlanta aren't full yet...interesting.

My apologies for lack of posts but since the Detroit News/Free Press article came out, I've been dealing with my newfound fame :) and trying to study in my spare time.

We have figured out what we're wearing to the audition-- I'm not going to divulge lest a competitor reads this and steals our idea. Will fill you in after--


Blogger colleen said...

I just returned from a visit to Diane's training facility (ie, her condo). My 3 1/2 year old daughter accompanied me there last night. My observations are as follows:

Diane seems a little laid back in her approach. Yes, she is reviewing Trivial Pursuit pop culture cards, but not in any systemic fashion. She didn't know the host of Studs (Marc DeCarlo), she didn't know that Pat Marito had a recurring role on Sanford and Son, she didn't know that SD-6 was the group that Sydney infiltrated on Alias.

However, Diane did seem to have a handle on how many times her full name appeared in print in the newspaper article chronicling her [what will undoubtedly be shortlived] fame.

Diane "says" she knew that Jane and Michael Banks were the children in Mary Poppins - but my daughter beat her to that answer so we'll never know for sure.

Let's just say Diane is putting a lot of her eggs in Cindy's basket...let's hope Cindy stays well and focused.

I do have a scenario that could predict a Pop Tarts victory:

If they're up against a team comprised of the children of pediatricians, I think they stand a good chance. That's b/c the APA recommends that children under two watch NO television and that school-age kids only have about 90 minutes per week of "screen time." When I asked my pediatrician if she did that for her own kids, she paused and said Yes, b/c they were in daycare. Well, that certainly sent the smug waves thru the hearts and minds of my fellow at-home moms. But, I digress.

But back to me again for a minute, my own daughter is on her way to becoming a Pop Tart. I am exposing her to the classics (Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz, the original Willy Wonka, Little House on the Prairie, the Monkees) and the more current offerings (Survivor, the new Willy Wonka, Mary Kate & Ashley videos, Lazy Town, Gilmore Girls, Dr. Phil, Oprah, Bill Maher). One of her catch phrases is actually "New Rule!" - followed by whatever decree she feels like issuing that day. She believes that "anything" can be found just by typing it into the computer and she idles away many an hour on the computer already.

So, I'm curious: how much screen time did Meredith have in her formative years?

4:05 AM  

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